Huge sales by Nike of 2018 trendy sneakers


Trends in sneakers are changing very quickly. Each year brings with it completely new, innovative and often incomprehensible trends, or returns us to the fashion of past years. And what happened in 2018?

Orthopedic Sneakers

2018 continued the theme of a “healthy lifestyle”, so the trend was definitely sneakers with orthopedic soles. This is not only convenient, but in the long run it is very useful for our feet, knees and spine. Such sneakers differ more massive sole, but from this look even more interesting and, to some extent, defiant. Look at men’s or women’s Nike Huarache sneakers, which is now on huge sale from Nike company.

Sneakers from the Nike Air Max collection

The popularity of Air technology is fairly stable, and sneakers developed based on it have a constant group of their “loyal” fans all over the world. I think it is no secret to anyone that Nike Air Max 1 or Nike Air Max 90 sneakers must be in the collection of every sports shoe lover. This year, the Nike Air collection pleased us with Air Max 270 sneakers.

The most influential people from the world of fashion are happy to lay out their photos in it.

Rubber soles

Sneakers with brown rubber soles are another trend of 2018, back from the past. Of course, white soles are still in fashion, but brown and white are distinguished by one very important detail – they never get dirty! Believe it or not, such shoes will look new until you wipe holes in them, which is very convenient for the modern speed of life. In 2018, sneakers with brown soles appeared even in those series in which nothing had been noticed before, for example, in Nike Air Force 1 High or Nike Stefan Janoski sneakers.

Socks-type Sneakers

A soft, minimalist body, enveloping the foot on the principle of socks – this is another trend in 2018. Sneakers should be invisible on the foot and repeat its every movement! In pursuit of maximum comfort with minimum weight, In these sneakers you want to walk, walk and walk again. Moreover, they are ideal for any styling, whether it be sports pants, jeans or women’s skirts. Among the sneaker-socks popular is Nike Sock.

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