How to impress best friend with birthday gift


Perhaps, you know each other from the earliest years, and you know everything about each other, but the question of what to give the best friend for a birthday, you are still wondering.

You can, of course, ask a friend, but you know his hobbies and interests quite well and know what he lives with. If a friend has a hobby, then the question of what to give to his best friend should not even arise. Your friend is fond of tourism? Give something from the travel accessories. His hobbies are cars? In this case, a gift to your best friend is also quite simple. Or maybe he collects something? In order not to present what a friend already has, you can look at his apartment and things. Just choose the desired gift and a fan of a musician: just donate a new album or ticket to the show of your favorite musician, and the comrades will be happy.

When there is a doubt that with a gift of interest you will get to the point, then present what your friend will laugh. Laughter is a sign that your friend liked the gift. This may be a T-shirt with a comic inscription, a funny souvenir (this is not the best option, though), a cool board game, ridiculous things that have long gone out of fashion (like glasses from the 1970s), a collection of comedies, something related to his name (for example, Sasha can donate the film Alexander). The main thing is to choose what really makes you laugh, but you know exactly the features of your friend’s sense of humor.

It is not necessary to give expensive gifts to best friends. If you have a talent, you can give a work of art. Which you created yourself. This may be a sculpture, and a picture, and graphics. You will also appreciate clothes or an accessory made by you personally, a home accessory, a piece of furniture or a board for a skate, homemade cake or cakes (you can even have homemade chocolates).

How old is your friend? Age also affects the choice of gift.

12-19 years old. This is the perfect age for gadgets and computers. You can safely give the steering wheel and pedals in the event that a friend loves racing, any accessory for a computer is also suitable, be it an unusual mouse, a vacuum cleaner or a flash drive. And even the hard drive, joystick, headphones …

20-30 years. He is still a boy, so he will be happy with toys: the same computer accessories and gadgets, a helicopter or a car with a remote control, and also impressions! They are important to give at any age. Certificate for a jump from a bridge, a ticket to a concert or even just a nightclub.

But older guys already need other gifts. You can already give accessories for the car and “status” gifts: cufflinks, stationery, accessories. Also in adulthood, many are beginning to think about health, so you can donate a sports equipment or a subscription to the simulator.

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