How to choose an original gift for 18 year girl


What should be a gift for 18 years old girl? The question is not easy, because she is no longer a child, but not yet an adult person. Her tastes, desires, plans for the future are constantly changing. Her style is not fully formed. This time of discoveries, contradictions, daily enthusiasm and small disappointments is a wonderful, full of impressions life stage!

The material value of the gift is not the main selection criterion. Many girls at such a young age do not think at all about money, and are not distinguished by practicality.

Trip to the city / country where she dreams to be. These are unforgettable impressions that will be remembered for many, many years.

Jewelry, but not for reasons – solid, will remain as a keepsake, a good investment, practical, useful to all, etc. Only a girl who really loves jewelry made of precious metals and stones will be delighted with expensive diamonds and a gold pendant with a pound weight. This is a wonderful gift for 18 years to a loved one – sister or daughter.

camerasmartphonecomputerlaptop or tablet – it’s hard to imagine a modern girl who doesn’t need all this. Of course, if a new laptop was bought a month ago, it is pointless to donate a second one.

Courses, seminars, trainings, etc. Given the nature and aspirations of the birthday girl. The main thing is not to try to guess “It seems she loves Indian cinema, probably, the lessons of Indian dance will suit her …”. Perhaps fit. Fitness, handicraft, photography lessons, personal growth training? You’ll have to remember the talk, hint and quietly ask, but it’s worth it!

A subscription to the pool, beauty salon, sauna, solarium, spa, massage salon. Most young ladies want to be the most beautiful and well-groomed. Chocolate wrapping, massage with warm stones or herbal bags, stylish manicure or water-bubble bliss – few people will refuse to feel like a princess!

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